I am the daughter of Cpl. Bill Hunter and wife Eileen ...

When our family returned from Soest Germany and moved to Camp Picton, my Dad, Bill Hunter loaned his medals to someone in the camp..he had 7 medals... When we left Picton after my Dad died suddenly in the Camp Picton MIR my mother could not remember which Guardsman had borrowed the medals. On a whim I am asking you to publish this email in the hopes that someone or a family member will still have the medals... I believe the names and service numbers were engraved on the edge of the medals... If those remaining Guardsmen and families who read this would check I would be pleased..

My son is now a member of the RCAF and is posted in Germany and I would like to mount them and give them to him... I know they can be replaced but if I can find the originals I would rather..
I know it is 53 years too late but due to the Association folding I am just asking...
I am the only remaining member of my family as my sister and my Mom Eileen have passed on as well as my Dad...
This is a long shot but if family members as well would take a look I would sincerely appreciated..Thank you in advance..
Heather Hunter Weese, Trenton, ON

Hello Gerry and Merry Christmas

I just want to say thank you for trying to help me find my Dad's medals..
No, I did not find them as I guess realistically I didn't expect to.. but it was worth a shot..too many Gdsm not with us anymore.. But I so appreciate you doing what I asked... thank you..
I will have a replacement set mounted for my son and send them to him as he is posted to Geilenkirchen Germany.. lucky me I visited him in October and he, and his wife and my Grandaughter we drove to Soest one lovely Saturday.. and spent the day walking around the town enjoying sites I remember a a little girl.. very emotional but so glad I had the opportunity to go.. thank you Royal Canadian Air Force..

I was going thru some things of my Mom's and came across a picture and a score sheet from 1st. Canadian Hockey team when they played the Denmark and a pic of the hotel spthey stayed in.. my mom kept almost everything I think..
I have attached them and if you want to use them on fb or the Guards Association site, please do.. if not that is fine too...
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and good health and happiness for 2017.. May the Guards always live on.. I am very proud of what my Dad was and what he did in his military career from age 18 to 41.. he was very proud to be part of the Guards..

I have a friend from our summer trailor park who was a Guardsman in his youth, Lloyd Tryon
Who was in Petawawa, Germany and Picton the same time as us and just found out a year or two ago while talking to him... also in our subdivision there is a man whose last name is Carver and he was also a Guardsman at that same time as Lloyd.. funny what a small world we live in.. never know who you will meet..  Sincerely...
Heather Weese (Hunter) , Trenton, Ontario