OCTOBER – 2015


Another year has rolled around and it is time to get a few words out once more to all our fellow members.  Greetings from your President Ambrose Dwyer and the Executive Committee.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the past year.  The year has been quite quiet with not many functions held.  We had a very successful annual dinner meeting in December 2014 at the Petawawa Royal Canadian Legion.  There was a good turn out and the dinner provided by the Ladies Auxiliary was terrific.  Winter was long and cold with a lot of our members heading to warmer climates.

 In June Norm McBride and his committee held the summer BBQ at the Legion branch in Petawawa.  This was another successful afternoon with a very good turnout, I believe the count was over 60. I am sure that everyone there enjoyed their day.  Thanks to Norm and his committee for a job well done.

Sincere condolences to all those who lost a loved one over the past year.  Our thought’s and prayers go out to each and every one.

Coming up next in the Guards Family is the annual Reunion event with the Atlantic Branch.  This year it is been held at the Legion in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia on 16-18 Oct. From what I hear they are getting a good response on registration to date.

This year the National AGM Meeting will be held in Stittsville Legion on 17October.

 Our President Ambrose Dwyer and 1st.Vice President Norm McBride are planning on attending and will bring back the information for our annual meeting in December.  One important item up for discussion this year will be the 2018 Reunion, this will take some planning and work to ensure it is successful.

The annual Dinner Meeting of the Petawawa Branch will be held on 4 December at Branch 72 Royal Canadian Legion Pembroke.   President Ambrose will bring you an update on what took place at the National AGM Meeting at this time. Please note the following information for this year’s dinner and meeting.


The annual dinner MEETING AT  THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Pembroke BR. 72

202 Pembroke Street East on 04 DEC. 2015.

 MENU -  Buffet roast beef/ham dinner

 MEET & GREET – 5 – 6 P.M.

 dinner 6 p.m.  COST $20.00 PER PERSON .

CUT OFF DATE IS 27 Nov. 2015.


TICKETS TO BE Paid in advance.   Dinners will not be ordered if not pre-paid.


NORM MCBRIDE 735-2363; Ambrose Dwyer 687-4689

or mail to Secretary J. Campbell 774 Pinegrove Cres. Pembroke, K8A 7E4.

Annual Meeting and Elections to follow Dinner.

The reason for prepayment of dinner tickets is because the association must pay for dinners ordered if not cancelled by cut-off date, this is a waste of association funds.

Ticket costs will be refunded if committee notified of cancellation by cut-off date.

The Secretary/ Membership Chairman will be accepting Membership dues both 2015 and 2016 following the meeting. Membership dues are $5.00 for the year, there are no dues for National.

Yes it is Election year so please think about the upcoming events and things that have to be done and think seriously about running for office.  It is up to our healthy members to pitch in and help keep our Association Branch running for those who have reached the time to sit back and enjoy some leisure and relaxation. With the National shutting down in 2018 it will be up to the Association branches to keep the members informed and together as the Guards Family has always done.

Remember to bring your ideas for the 2018 Reunion with you to the annual meeting.