Dear Fellow Guardsmen     Winter 2012/13


By the time you get this, the days will have started to get longer and we will be eagerly awaiting the warm March breezes - that is except for those of you who are already enjoying the hot air closer to the equator.


I can think of no better opening of this news letter than by sending you all a hope for the future, as expressed by the late Jack Layton.

"Love is better than Anger, Hope is better than Fear,

Optimism is better than Despair So let us be Loving, Hopeful and Optimistic,

And we'll change the World."

I know you all had a "loving and optimistic" holiday season. I am sure that you are "hopeful" that the coming years will be peaceful and prosperous for us all.

John Barclay, editor.


We send our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and comrades of the following members of the Guards Family of whose passing we have been notified.

Stan Beneteau, Ted Chambers, R. E. D. "Bob" Clark, Arnold Frederick and Beverly Anne DesBarres, Wally Fowler, Carol Anne Frank (wife of Vincent Frank), Clarence "Frank" Gallant, Ralph H. Hanson, Wayne Samuel Johnson, R. P. Gerard Maringer, James Henry McIntosh (padre), "Charlie" and Ruth McLean, Percy Herbert Nelson, Donald Perry, Cornelius "Chuck" Slik, Christena Thorley (Wife of Tom Thorley), Glen Denis Thompson, Armand "Cliff" Vandale and Marinuis "Ray" Van Mourik.

For the departed whom we now remember, may they rest in peace.


President Ian Douglas opened the meeting by thanking the Executives at all levels for their hard work over the past year in keeping the Association running smoothly and steadily, which made his job much easier.

He pointed out that the list of fallen comrades is a reminder that we are all getting older and the dwindling membership and lack of volunteers will eventually necessitate the dissolution of the Association. He said that although dissolution is not imminent, we must start thinking about it.


Museum Point-man Norman McBride, VP Petawawa Branch, advised that with DND financial belt tightening, the Museum may come under pressure. He met with former Base Commander and Museum Board member, LCol McBride, who stated that there may be hard times but he remained optimistic. Norm went on to say that the Guards Collection contains the largest compilation of Guards' memorabilia in existence and hoped it would remain in place for very long time.


Secretary-Treasurer Al Johnston advised that the new Canada Corporation Act requires that if we wish to keep our Corporate status after 17 October, 2014, we will have to apply for a continuance. After some discussion it was agreed that the Association did now not need to be incorporated and would not make application.

Financial Report: The audited 2012 report shows the finances of the Association to be in reasonable shape. As of 31 August, 2012, the Assets consisted of cash in the bank -$6,665.79; BMO GIC investments - $16,060.82; and CFCF interest account of $10,503.30, for a total of $33,229.82. A one-time withdrawal of $1,000.00 was made from the CFCF account and deposited into the Association operating account.

The Board of Directors decided that the CFCF Interest account should be closed. On 12 September, 2012, funds totaling 10,544.51 were deposited into the Association's BMO operating account.

Communications: Website manager Gerry Heffernan advised that the site is working well with many hits recorded and a good amount of material submitted.  JAS Haley stated that membership was steady at 635 members in good standing and that the "Guardsnet" is still up and running with 409 addressees listed. (See Stat sheet by clicking here)

Newsletter editor John Barclay reported that two issues of 550 copies each were produced since the last AGM. He also advised that, due to his month-long absence, the Winter issue would not be published until January, 2013.

John Hunter reminded the members that both the PPCLI and R22eR Regiments would be Celebrating their 100th Anniversaries in 2014. There will be many events in several locales throughout the year.

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