Dear Fellow Guardsmen                                                                31 December, 2016


There are two more newsletters before the hammer drops on 31 December 2018. In this newsletter, following the AGM report, are details of how we are ensuring the future of the Guards’ Collection in the Garrison Petawawa Museum, plus a progress report on the 2018 Reunion.

Remember, this is not the end of The Guards Family! Petawawa and Atlantic Branches and the smaller groups in Ottawa and the West Coast will still  come together, from time to time, and  communications will continue, in some form, connecting all of us, until age and decrepitude take their toll.

For now, the beat goes on, as you will see in the following pages. (J.B. ed)


We send our condolences and deepest sympathy to the families, friends and comrades  of those whose names appear here.

Robert Leroy “Bob” Bacon, Carol Phyllis Bell (wife of John C. Bell), Ronald K. Boyd, T. R. ”Tom” Bridger, Archie Cairns, Willie “Bill” Colbourne, Douglas Joseph Comeau, Matthew Donald “Buddy” Corbett, William Gerald “Gerry” Cormier, Lester Richard “Dick” Deyarmond, David Bruce Dugan, Cecile Rondeau-Dwyer ( wife of Ambrose Dwyer), James Edward “Jim” Dwyer, Reginald “Reg” Ewasiuk, C. Roger Fleming, Joseph Ulrich “Rick” George, George Hamilton, George “Dennis” Hyde, John Campbell Jobe, Reigh Aubry Kynock, Albert Bruce “Bert” Laird, John Eric Langworth , Daniel Angus “Dan” MacArthur, John D. MacDonald, Robert

F. McIntyre Sr, Harold Meyers, Keddy Ivory Munroe, Anita Myles (wife of Bob Myles),  Elmer R. Okum, Ernest “Ernie” Parent, Edward “Clayton” Parsons, Robert David “Bob” Partridge, Augustine Leo Perrone, Nicholas Warren “Nick” Puddicombe, Wayne C. Rody, Clifford James “CJ” Scott, William “Bill” Scott,  Real Maurice Joseph Sharkey (Pipes & Drums), Hilton Edgar Smith, H.M. “Paddy” Weedle, Robert “Bobbo” Wellington.


“And lo, the evening has come, the animals draw in and the lamps are lit. Soon, too soon for some, the night will fall and all shall sleep.”          ( anon )


Below is a somewhat truncated (by me) but nonetheless delightful Christmas letter from Marion Garber, widow of LCol Wally Garber, Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion 1954-57. Her address is: Parkland at the Gardens, 5732 College St., Suite 305, Halifax, NS B3H 0B3.



The 2016 AGM was called to order at 1030 hrs. It was held in the boardroom of the Manotick Legion, Br 314, on 15 October, 2016. 17 members were present ( a quorum + 2) including President Ian Douglas (Brighton), Petawawa President Norman McBride, Past President Ambrose Dwyer and the Association executive.

Gerry Wharton gave the Regimental Prayer and John Barclay read the Roll of Honour which contained 40 names. There followed a minute of silence to honour the fallen and the benediction.

The President’s opening remarks noted the passing of so many members of the Regimental Family in recent years and suggested that our thinning ranks must get on with preparations for the cessation of Association activities. He stated that much work had already been done to progress both the “Reunion 2018” activities and to ensure the future of the Guards Collection in the Garrison Petawawa Museum. ( Both of the above will be dealt with later  in this newsletter. ed)


Guards Help: Percy Price reported (via Al Johnston) that “ I continue to provide advice to many former members of The Regiment.” He also confirmed that he would continue by agreeing to stay on as a Director.

Newsletter: John Barclay stated that only 1 issue of the newsletter was published in 2015, mailed to approximately 520 members. It was also published on the website. After 2018 there will be no funds available to continue the newsletter.

Guards Webmaster: Gerry Heffernan advised that our website is in its 13th year and our “name” is paid for until 22 Oct 1019. The “hosting fee” is approximately $260/yr and is due on 22 Oct. ( it was agreed that it be continued to 2018 )

Gerry suggested that, “after 2019, we ‘archive’ the website  and continue with face book pages. These require little set-up and are readily available to all members at no cost.” A discussion ensued regarding post 2018 monitoring of the site, however no decisions were made in that regard. The President asked Gerry to continue to develop  a post-2018 plan, including costs.

Petawawa Branch: Petawawa President Norm McBride reported that there were 65 members at the annual June barbecue at the Petawawa Legion. He also said that the Branch’s annual AGM and dinner would be on 3 Dec @ 1800 hours in

the  Petawawa Legion. (their Reunion Committee report will be seen later. ed)                 

Atlantic Branch: Terry Dexter reported that they were expecting in excess of 100 people at their annual Reunion in Woodstock NB. He welcomed the large number of members from Newfoundland and Ontario who attend each year. He reported that the 2017 Reunion will be held in  PEI, hosted by Al and Pam Macdonald.



The Secretary Treasurer reported that our Revenue exceeded Expenses by some $4,300, due in large part by the redemption of our last GIC ($7,500) at $7, 884.

He noted that Expenses  included $2,000 for the purchase of a mannequin, (artly named “Willie” by G.S. Wharton) which will be used by the Museum to create a full-sized model of a Guard’s Piper uniform.

The Association membership stands at 558.


The President stated that the dispersal of ‘residual funds’ had been under discussion for some time. Several options were explored and it was decided that splitting the remaining funds between the Petawawa and Atlantic  Branches was the most appropriate course of action to best satisfy By-Law six -“Dissolution”.


Grahem Meharg informed the meeting that the  Picton Legion had recently suffered damage from a fire and, as a result, had closed. He has been informed that some Canadian Guards items that had been held by the Legion were now being stored at Loch-Sloy Business Park, formerly Camp Picton. This, he said, has led to rumours of a Canadian Guards Museum being created (in Picton). No such museum  is planned and he agreed to look into the matter to determine what, if anything, should be claimed by the Association.


Gerry Wharton (election chair) rose to announce that, pursuant to Article 130.6 of the By-laws, the following have agreed to serve for the 2016-2017 term of office: Ian Douglas-President, John Barclay - Vice President (newsletter), Al Johnston - Secretary Treasurer, Peter Ambroziak - Guards Help, Dave DeClerq - Director, Ambrose Dwyer - Past President Petawawa Branch, Terry Dexter - President Atlantic Branch, Gerry Heffernan -Webmaster, Norman McBride - President Petawawa Branch and Museum, Howard Pierce - Director, Percey Price - Guards Help and Gerry Wharton - Past President. It was moved by Gerry Wharton and seconded by Gerry Heffernan “that the previously named be elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Guards Association in the offices so mentioned.”  CARRIED.


Myles Gregg was appointed auditor.




Prior to asking for a motion of adjournment, the President stated that with the dissolution of The Association coming within 24 months, he would like to hold a Board of Directors meeting in May or June of 2017. This meeting would also include the ‘Reunion 2018’ Committee.

The purpose of the meeting would be twofold: first is to ensure that the Board is prepared to proceed with recommendations concerning 2018 dissolution procedures leading to their approval at the 2017 AGM; second is to ensure that plans for ‘reunion’ are progressing to the point where necessary decisions can be approved at the 2017 AGM. He directed  the Secretary/Treasurer to arrange for the BOD and Reunion Committee meeting for Thursday, 1 June 2017.

( Note: The date of this meeting was further discussed after the AGM. It was suggested by Norm McBride that perhaps it might more useful to hold it in Petawawa at the time of the June Barbeque so that the sites of events could be visited and that Garrison and RCR reps might also attend.)


There being no further business, it was moved by John Barclay and seconded by Howard Pierce, that the meeting adjourn. CARRIED  Adjournment 1155 hrs.



As earlier stated, there are only two more newsletters to go, but I still need your input. Remember to keep it short; “Brevity is the soul of wit”, some  writer said. . If you’re willing to take the challenge, I can be reached at, 806 Hot Springs Way, Ottawa ON, K1V 1R9, or at,


I look forward to your submissions. (John Barclay, ed)

                        The Art of the Insult - now lost to the four-letter word.

A Member of Parliament to British Prime Minister Disraeli. “Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.”  “ That depends sir, “ replied Disraeli, “whether I embrace your policies… or your mistress.”


George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill, “ I am enclosing two tickets to the opening night of my new play; bring a friend, if you have one.” Churchill replied, “ Can’t possibly attend first night, will attend second…if there is one.



Norman McBride, aside from his duties as Petawawa Branch President, is also the Association rep on the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum Oversight Committee. He prepared a detailed report on the museum. (Note: Events have overtaken some of the items in this Report and I have taken the liberty of  inserting updates. ed)

The future of the Guards Collection:

 Earlier in the meeting Gerry Wharton described the ‘Memo of Understanding’ (MOU), the full name of which is, “Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Guardianship of The Canadian Guards Collection held by the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum.”

The MOU was signed by BGen (ret) Ian Douglas for the Canadian Guards Association, MGen (ret) J.I. Fenton, Colonel of the Regiment, for The Royal Canadian Regiment and LCol S. Campbell, Garrison Deputy Commander, for the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum.

The aim of the MOU is, basically, “ to ensure that the Standard  of the Canadian Guards Collection held by the Garrison Petawawa Military Museum continues in its present state after the demise of The Canadian Guards Association.” The main proviso is that’ “The Royal Canadian Regiment accepts custodianship of the Collection.” The Association will continue to advise and assist the maintenance of

the Collection.

The MOU was passed around to members at the meeting and all agreed that we are now assured that the Guards Collection of artifacts, documents and the archived items not on display, will be cared for by our “Custodian“, from 2019 into the foreseeable future.

The President thanked Gerry for drafting and producing such a fine document, Steve Brodsky for his editing of the final document and Howie Pierce for his comments along the way.

The 2015 AGM approved a sum of $2,000 to purchase a full-size mannequin to replace the ‘torso’ mannequin “Piper in full dress”.  On 06 December, Museum Committee Chair Gerry Wharton made delivery of  ‘Willie’ to our man on the ground, Norm McBride, and Museum curator Ainsley Christensen. The four reviewed all the items on display, made recommendations for changes to, or

creation of, the signage on the displays.Regarding the Piper’s mannequin, there  is concern that items were missing that were needed to ensure that it was,  “dressed correctly”.  


  Here’s a “Shout out” to all former Regimental Pipers:

“ If you have any articles of a Piper’s Full Dress uniform with which you would part and donate to the cause, please contact one of the following:

                                  Norm McBride   -;                   

          Gerry Wharton   -;  

                                 John Barclay       - annandbarclay@rogers,com:

The Garrison Museum Committee continues to address the Military Vehicle Park display maintenance. The display jeep maintenance had been the responsibility of the Association but is now included in the Park maintenance. Norman advised the meeting that the signage font on the displays was being changed and this would provide an opportunity to update the signs if required. The President

asked that Gerry and Norm look into the matter.

In addition to the jeep, the glazing on the Regimental Memorial Plaque has become weathered to the point where it is difficult to read. Norm McBride was asked to look into the matter .  The subject was broached on 6 Dec. Ms  Christensen advised that the maintenance of such items, because  Garrison

maintenance is now coordinated nationally from Ottawa, was now the units’ (that’s us) responsibility. Norman stated that he had already contacted a local company who had experience in such matters and had asked for approximate costs. Gerry asked that Norm advise him when he gets those costs in order that the June Executive meeting can decide on a course of action.

There was a question of archiving material now held by the Secretary/Treasurer, among others. It was concluded that involving the National Archives was unnecessary, as the material could more easily be placed with the Garrison Museum. Again, this was discussed on the 06 Dec visit and Norm was tasked to work with the Curator and the Garrison Museum Committee toward this end.

BAND REPORT - Bob Bertuzzi

Richard (Dickie) Watson’s six years in the Canadian Military were served in the Canadian Guards Band, beginning in 1958. He regards that every day in the Guards was an interesting experience for him, including the following.            “In 1959 the  Band was quartered in 13 PD, and after the morning Ceremony we would return there for lunch. Along with John McGee, Derek Sheldrake and others, we were served liver . I turned mine over and it was green; John turned his over and it was green, which caused quite a commotion. Someone called an Otawa newspaper, and it became headlines all across the country,  “ The Army was serving its soldiers green liver”. The food at the PD had never been very good, but after that it improved immensely.”Richard still has a great love for music. After retiring from teaching High School about 20 years ago, he plays and writes music for a hobby. He keeps busy playing in three different concert bands; the Windjammers, Cambridge and Guelph

Concert Bands and often subs in a swing band in Kitchener. He also operates a fishing lodge in Quebec, where he spends much  of the summer.                                                                                  

Richard keeps in touch with several members of the Band, including Derek Sheldrake, Ian Turnbull, Don Stewart, Don Whitfield  and Brian Williams.



The President asked the meeting if there were any concerns about holding a large function in October, 2018. It was agreed that the event should take place and that the weekend be called “The Regimental Parade 2018”. ( this was later simplified to “ Reunion 18 “. ed) Norman McBride gave an update on Reunion Planning, stating that he had met with Bob Buchanan and Al Johnston at 1000hrs on 07 September and it was decided that the weekend of 12-14 October, 2018, was the optimum date.

It was  agreed that the National Association would be responsible for finances; producing, mailing, receipt (and recording) of Registration Forms and production of a Souvenir Program. The Petawawa Committee will be responsible for booking Garrison facilities including accommodation and messing; producing a plan of events and activities( including entertainment and bands) and the weekend Reception and Registration.    

At 1100, the three then met with LCol  Scott Campbell, Garrison DCO. He made notes of the Reunion dates and stated that, barring any unforeseen  operational requirements, booking the WO’s & Sgt’s Mess, using Normandy Hall mess hall and renting Garrison guest accommodation should be possible. In closing, LCol Campbell thanked the Association for the advanced warning and stated that Garrison staff will support the Reunion where possible.  

In the afternoon, Norm McBride, Petawawa Committee Chair, met with co-hairman Bob Buchanan and Committee members, where duties and responsibilities were discussed and assigned. A further meeting of the Committee is slated  for late November.

The President stated that the Association plans to underwrite a portion of the costs to keep Registration fees reasonable, but the (Petawawa) Committee would need to identify the cost of activities and keep the Secretary/Treasurer informed.


As you can see from the foregoing, there are many tasks to be done before the31st of December, 2018. We must keep up the pace in “Guards Style” until the last bugle note is played, however many of us are left. Some activities may be carried on after 2018, and the two remaining Branches will continue, it is hoped,  for many years.

We hope you had a Happy Christmas and that you are looking forward to 2017 in good health and harmony.

Ian Douglas, President                                                                  John Barclay, Editor