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album  from Earl Jones [SF100075 Gdsm E.S.W. Jones] 1956/1965

December 2012

Photos from
 Col CV Carlson
Edgar Theoret

**2 Feb 2013**

Graduation Recruit Training, March 21, 1958 and other pics

Thanks Gerry Grimshaw and Jim Laurie (Click either underlined statement above)

Minutes of the 2012 AGM Click here  (Dec 10)

Click here for another “blast from the past”..this time via (Rev) Gdsm Frank Patrick (Dec 7)

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added Oct 24, 2012

Howie Pierce
et al(pre Apr 2013)

Page of Tattoo photos and Music! (April 6,2012)

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Click here for a movie provided by Harry Manners 2nd Bn circa 1954 (takes time to load)


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Photos from Ben Murdock–click here (Jan 18)

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"Pt3 orders"

Photos of Camp Picton..  Click here(Nov 24)

Graduation photo #2 platoon, Depot Dec 17, 1957

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