Howie Pierce Gdsm   (Since May 2013)

Christmas wishes 2016, The Canadian Guards Association. - by HowieP, Gdsm

Imagine 63 years have passed since The Regiment was assembled from soldiers left over from WW 2, Korea ... augmented by recruiting young lads from across the country making up our "The Regiment, The Canadian Guards"!

Yes, the old weapons, 303 Bren Guns, Vickers and Lee Enfields were the main military weapons when the units assembled, all upgraded to 7.62, 30 Cal and 50 Cal ... carried us through most of the 19th century. Then because of changing world demographics and Canada's military commitments with the UN and NATO, the Black Watch, Queens Own Rifles and the Canadian Guards were reduced to a memory. However, many of the men of these regiments rebadged, continuing their first choice "to serve." Not one serving soldier in the CF(R) continues to wear "The Canadian Guards", the badges of days gone by. Our old comrade, many of us knew as C Sgt JAS Haley (ret'd Capt), was one of the last to wear The Canadian Guards hat badge in the Regular forces. He too has left, passing away a short time ago.

However, if you attend Remembrance Day ceremonies and look closely some of those taking part are still wearing, "with pride," the Guards accouterments. Our Association to this day is strong in numbers, still Gdsm at heart, living proof we were "second to none".

As Christmas 2016 approaches, the idea of sending cards with best wishes for many is a thing of the past. We attend the tradition with the Internet, with hopes all will have a happy and prosperous 2017 with continued good fortune moving forward. Those of our numbers having lost friends and/or family be assured they will not be forgotten, "at the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them".

God bless our remaining Gdsm, their families giving each the strength to have the closeness of love and respect for each other as we struggle with the challenges of daily life.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. HowieP, Gdsm.


You do have a great memory for things long forgotten by most folks. I am in the last chapter and like every time I write a book it will be a rush to the finish. I feel, short of a heart attack, I will make it. At the moment it looks like it will run to 550 pages. I must admit that it will be the happiest day of my life when the book is in print and here in Kingston .

I see Peter Sutton every week – I don’t know whether I told you that he has Parkinson’s disease which is slowly robbing him of his health. He just turned 80 last year. George Simpson (81 last year) I will see in a couple of weeks at the “Old Boys’ (Signallers’) Dinner to which I have been invited – a great honour for a humble infantry officer. I have them beaten as I will be 83 this year.

I trust all is well in the Pierce family.

Bill  (May 26)

Hello General Patterson

As Heavy Machine Gun Platoon Commander, 1st Battalion, The Canadian Guards, a captain in Fort York officer corps, at the time all of us being held as a prisoner of the war, The Cold War, that is! Challenged with the Herculean task of keeping us young lads pointed in the right direction ... a feat proving once again the impossible can be accomplished if you stick to the rules ... of those there were many. Who would have guessed at the time his charges, us lads, would become through trial and error all that we could be ;although, mostly through error! It is what we became, "pensioners" living at the mercy of the bean counters in the headshead. How honourable!

Now to the challenges of keeping two more noses to the grindstone, the scribes composing the lines for the up-and-coming release of the Signalman's adventures, trials, and tribulations. As your peers - George Simpson and Peter Sutton struggle to keeping to the issues, and Bill P the professional historian steering the onrush of boastful exuberance from the participants. The difficult task of keeping in line protection of historical record without embellishment ... the correct means to making sense for the reading public. It has been claimed as one of the greatest challenges' "writing history without interference, whilst the participants are still walking among us.

Now to have Copy No One of the Signalman's record in print, in perfect Queens English, place it in the hands of Princess Anne (Colonel-in-Chief) by 24 October, 2013. Your feelings as stated in your 2012 Christmas wishes, "It has been a good time, although arduous working with George Simpson and Peter Sutton," both having served with the Guards. Have no fear, Bill P there have been other authors also setting deadlines without a clear look through the window of hindsight to guide them. And, heaven forbid having Howie Pierce remind you of the timeline, tightening the choker chain on the necks of the responsible. Those placed in charge will always encounter the blame, Beware these are pitfalls; I've witnessed it all as the Admin O, while in the employment of The Director General of History (DHist) Admiral Douglas, PhD. And, when all is said and done on the day of reckoning ... they will say in unison, "were not those Sigelman great lads', little or no mention of the three gentlemen,having given a big part of their lives, and that of their loved ones in the production of the words that make the story. This is the legacy of the "author", only to reap the credit afterwards, not unusual after their Death, "how morbid". Need I mention "Shakespeare"!

Best wishes, and God speed in the final production, remember once in the publisher's hands ...thats all folks as Walt Disney is quoted after each of his comedies. No more rewrites, for better or "Worcer", as we say in the Valley!!!

The End ... means the end, whatever that means! Pressure, Pressure !!!

Howie Pierce, Gdsm   (May24)