Graduation from Depot Training, Squads 184,185, 186; No 2 Platoon, Dec 17, 1957

1st row, sitting: RSM JJT McManus, Sgt Gus Lawlor, Major JM Gregg, Major AC McDonell, Capt KJR Hollingbury

2nd row:  Cpl ?, Cpl White, Gdsm ?, B Murphy, J Laurie (note X), Price, A Meaney, Wells, R Mosher, Lee, ?, Wadell, Valusow(Van Rassel?), Reynolds, Cpl Power, Cpl Fox, Dsgt AJ Levesque

3rd row:  Gdsm ?, ?, Rutledge, F Bushie, ?, ?, A Parsons, R Power, ?, Harper, A Lutz

4th row:  Gdsm ?, Clarke, CP Apap, Mosher, Sanford, G Grimshaw, ?, Rhodenizer(?), ?, ?, ?, Thompson

Graduation from Recruit Training, Squads 184, 185, No 12 Platoon, March 21, 1958

Sitting:  RSM JJT McManus, Lt IC Douglas, Major JM Gregg, ?, ?

1st row: Sgt Pearson (ED?), Gdsm ?, Harper, Graville, Crummell, Mosher, ?, ?, R Mosher, M Rutledge, S Reynolds, J Laurie, Cpl ?

2nd row: Gdsm C Field, CP Apap, AG Parsons, G Grimshaw, Sanford, Rhodenizer(?), Lee, R Murphy, ?, Cpl Porier

Guard of Honour at Uplands Airport, Lt Ian Douglas with the Colours

Gdsm Laurie was on this parade

Band Sergeants at the Sgts Mess

Fort York

L: Sgt Gus Lawlor, Gdsm ?, Gdsm E Paradis, Gdsm WG Milson

R: Cpl Nolan doing stock audit, Sgts Mess at Fort York

Gdsm ?, Gdsm JA Laurie, Gdsm Maher

L:  Pioneer Sgt Gus Lawlor, and Jim’s brother E Laurie visiting from Black Watch

R: at Sgts Mess, Gdsm WG Milson and  E Laurie