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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. On New years at midnight in Newfoundland Time (where the new day dawns in Canada) I will raise my glass to all members of the Regimental Family.

Chris Beattie

December 2013 issue of the Guards Star now available.

Hello fellow Guardsmen and greetings from your Regimental Association. The latest issue of the Guards Star is out and located on-line here:

You will notice the on-line link looks different; it's the new GGFG Regimental Museum web site. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Best Wishes from the Association Executive for Merry Christmas and happy, prosperous New Year.

It ain't Christmas material but too funny to miss…Butch

From Winston “Goldie” Golden

(Dec 13)

From Robert Buchanan

Petawawa /Pembroke/Picton AGM

RCL Br 72 Pembroke 6 Dec 2013
Executive Pres Ambrose, VP Norm, Sec Jean Campbell, Treasurer Jean Clark, Membership Henry.
Very nice evening, great dinner and excellent comradeship.

I’m writing looking for assistance. I’m friends with a family who sadly lost George (George Maxwell King) in their lives not long ago, as did his friends and colleagues. They knew he served in the Can Forces and they knew it had something to do with him being a GDSM but they really have no idea what it means. I looked thru the papers they had and was able to tell that he was a 1st Battalion Guardsman which means he was an Infantryman.

Is there anything I can give to them to give them a bit better of an idea about their loved one?

PS..he was four years GDSM ..and went on to be a Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Officer for many years and then a Commissionaire for many years. When he passed away he was employed at the Veterans Pavilion in St Johns, Newfoundland. I thought you might like to know if you don’t already.

His service number 3607. Any info for the family would give them great comfort as they are missing him so...and they were quite excited that I could decipher the "code" in his military

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Jo-Anne Power  (reply to webmaster for forwarding)

I recently returned from The Gambia,West Africa.I was laying a Wreath on November the 10,2013 on behalf of The Government of Canada. There are 10 Canadian Servicemen interred there from WW11.  My son and his family are residing there.  Cheers Butch Montreuil

Comments via our facebook page:

I did my basic training with 2 Canadian Guards. (1965) I am looking for info on the number 9 order of dress worn at the time

Joe Leblanc (Nov 5, 20130  (Editor’s note:  I cannot find a reference to #9 order of dress in my copy of RSOs.  Apparently did refer to the blazer though. (#10 order of dress))

I just learned that George Elliott is in Kingston General Hospital.He went in with kidney stones and had a heart attack while in the hospital. Also he can not walk.
It does not sound good.  (Via Butch M)

Greetings to all Guardsmen: the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Guards has quietly crept up on us. While the 60th may not be quite as significant as the 50th, which was celebrated in a grand manner, it is still an occasion to be marked. I plan to set out on a sentimental journey by flipping through old photo albums and remembering the fine soldiers, many of them now deceased, with whom I had the honour of serving.

Join me today in raising a glass to this extraordinary regiment.

Regards and best wishes to all,  Fred Marentette

Happy Anniversary  CANADIAN GUARDS

Proud to have served with the 2nd Bn Canadian Guards Provost Sgt= 1966-1969

Sgt Elliott and L/cpl Russ Henderson.

Best Regards to all I had the pleasure of serving with.

George Elliott

I’m wondering if you can help me locate former members of the Canadian Guards Band.

I’m running out of names to interview for my Band article’s in the Guards Association Newsletters.

If you know of any former Guards Band members, appreciate if you would send me their names and how I can contact them. ………… can contact me at: ,


Bob Bertuzzi, Band Correspondent,

Hi, Heather (Inrig) Gulyas dropping in again to thank you all for your support through this year’s Army Run.

It was a humbling and very rewarding run … in our case – walk. Charles [Merredew] and I walked with a double amputee from Toronto and his little five year-old friend Kevin. Kevin walked the whole way with his five year old legs (apparently there were gummy bears waiting for him at the finish line) and his friend kept saying to Charles and I “time to pick up the pace”.

Thank you for this chance to acknowledge in this very small way all you have sacrificed for Canada and all its citizens.

Till next year,

My very Best,


Steve Lovett posted on The Canadian Guards Regimental Association's timeline (Facebook page)

"My father was with the 4th Cdn Guards in Korea and until they disbanded in 1957, at the time we were living in Forrest, Ont (near Sarnia) as the camp was at Ipperwash…
When they disbanded, Dad was posted to Winnipeg (Manitoba District Headquarters) where we stayed for the next 14 years… He retired in 1971….and passed away in 1985.
I do the genealogy for our family just wanted to know if there were any former members that I could talk to about him, as my mother is still living (92 yrs old) but Dad didn't discuss his career that often….
His name was
Algernon Philip Lovett and he retired at the rank of WO2…..
Anything you can help with is terrific…"

Reply to this email to comment on this post.  (25 September 2013)

Hi Jas, I visited Dusty (Miller) in the Napanee hospital today, we had a nice visit talking and laughing about old times he was in good spirits, he mentioned Bucky Buchanan from the Picton area was in to visit him yesterday ,Dusty is awaiting tests from the Doctors right now, I am going to visit him again Sunday and will keep you informed on his progress.  Jim MacDonald

Dusty deceased 1 September 2013

Back in 2007 a Michele Thompson was trying to find info about her Dad, Ron Lauzon who died in 2007. I posted a picture of him along with others. She wanted to know if there were any pictures of him. I served with him for a few years and knew him well.

Was there a email address that I could contact her?

Thanks Ed Groves SA126667 Waterloo On  (August 11, 2013)

Howie sent this clip about Sally Ann Soest that some may find an interesting memory.  Click here

(Aug 9)

Jul 20  

I am interested in learning where I might look to find any photos of the 2nd Battalion Canadian Guards.
My husband was a Guardsman from early 60's until the Regiment was disbanded. He remustered to 3 RCR and served one term there.  This was between '63-'73 I believe. He served once in Cyprus and was in the process of applying for the new Peacekeepers medal when he suddenly died in '05.
His name was
William John Knight (Cpl.) SIN 103 753 273

My name is Lovelett Knight. I was married to Bill for 38 years. He was always at Base Petawawa and we lived there for the first 5 years we were married.  Do you have any suggestions ?

Yours truly,
Lovelett Knight

Hi, Just want some info on the Sept 20 reunion in St.John's. I can't seem to find the Atlantic Branch on the web and I did lose the info awhile ago. Can ye help ?? Appreciate any help Recruit #1320

Joe Eason aka Jimmyjoe.

Ps I'm looking for an old friend from Halifax. He went to the 1st Bn. after Depot. Al Barrett anything in your files as to where he went or where he is?

(July 24)   Atlantic links! ←Click)
Interesting story,I am sure all members of The Regiment who served in Cyprus may find this interesting, Cheers Butch

Attached are photos of the regimental plaque at the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood Cemetery. To find it, go to the NMC and find the lower monument. Our tree is near the road, the second tree on the right of the path leading to that monument.

I believe all who see it will be as pleased with it as I am. .......Gerry W

THE DREADED BED ROLL – by Howie Pierce, Gdsm

Who ever trumpeted this form of punishment ... moreover why was it only the corporals and guardsmen who  were compelled to form these creatures; a form of regimental religion, and place them on top of the mattress -- usually for Friday morning's Commanding Officer's inspection. Heaven forbid; did someone think we were hiding something under the blankets, perhaps a manic or could it be a method of getting us hung-over sleepy heads out of bed a half hour earlier on Friday. Or, was it intended to be a form of competition, mind you only in the other ranks singletons quarters; we single-rats often wondered if the married men had to make a bedroll in the PMQs' or were they equal in privilege as the officers and sergeants, and exempt from this form of torture? (Of course we did Howie! :))

As we witnessed over the years before the sun broke the horizon many a blathered guardsman fumbling his way with the sheets and blankets to form this monstrosity, “the Bedroll.” As memory serves me correctly one fellow guardsman by the name of Hutcluck, for he, was the master scriptural of the coveted bedroll. His was so perfectly formed it became a trophy ... so much so much so it spearheaded unapproachable honours in Regimental Standing Orders. To us mere mortals it stood as the bed roll to end all bed rolls. Thinking back, Hutcluck once perfected his masterpiece he took to securing a second set of bedding ... thus, never disabling his original masterpiece. He was able to acclaim this most honourable status of being an elitist and master of the coveted bed roll. Try selling this regimental odyssey to the modern soldier.

Being 75 years young, I'm still finding it difficult break an old habit, this Friday morning ritual, and have often been scolded by the grandchildren for trying to incorporate the bedroll into the family legacy. (May17)

BRIGHTON, ON., MONUMENT PASSES THE TORCH - Reading through the article in the Legion Magazine May/June 2013, we could see a Guardsman had a hand in the successful launching of this worthy memorial, a two year project. Yes, none other than our Ian Douglas, as the Committee Chairperson, took the reins of responsibility furthering the legacy of those who served.

By golly, Sir, where do you find all the time? – It is without reservation we would like to sound off our pride, because of what you do in the name of the servicemen and women: Those who stepped forward in both war and peace and continue to serve when the call came in Canada’s proud military.

It is due to your energy and continued commitment that people like us who served in the military can stick out our chests and make claim that our service for our Canada was and is worthy of mention and celebration!

Those who never grow old, they who made the supreme sacrifice, can't say it, but we can, “THANK YOU GENERAL IAN,” you’re an Officer and a Gentleman, right to the end!

Howie Pierce, Gdsm. (Apr 28)  (See also the Facebook comment .. May )

OSHAWA -- Lawrence Nearing, 76, a veteran of the Canadian Forces, died at his home March 13. As he had no immediate family, local veterans' associations came together to give him a military funeral.  The Funeral home thought that he served in Germany and with the Regiment.  We have no record of Lawrence.  Does anyone out there recognize this veteran?  (Contact us) (April 5)

I was in the 2nd Battalion Guards from 1954 to 1957.  My name is Ben Gale.  Just wondering if there are any of us still alive.  I’d like to say Hi.  Had a lot of friends back then.  I’d like to go to a reunion if there is one.  Can any one advise me if there is one?  Thks   (Mar 9)  (Webmaster will reroute your messages)

In ref to Ben Gale’s question, as you probably are aware, the 2013 Guards reunion will be held here in St. Johns, NL, on the wknd of Sept 20, 21, 22......if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Jim King

home Ph number---1-709-576-4437

thanking you very much Jim  (March27)

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