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Dear Gerry (Wharton)

I thought I’d let you know that Morris has been in the Perley in long-term care since 20 March 2012. He is settled in now, but it was such a hard decision for me to make. But I could no longer keep him at home.

Last time we saw you was at John Hunt's service in Dec. a year ago.  At the time I did not think Morris would end up in the Perley so quickly. But he just was not safe at home anymore and I was not either.

I have become good friends with Karin Hunt, we do a few things together, and life goes on.- Ken Reeves is in the long-term care section in Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Mary and I are in touch regularly.  It's not easy for her either with her family so far away in Australia.  But they moved to Toronto because their son lives there and he is very supportive of Ken and Mary.

I had notified the RCR, too,and had a nice response from Ivan Fenton. He has been in to see Morris twice, and included me in a visit to the War Museum ( guided tour). There were a couple of chaps there who remembered Morris from Petawawa days.

It certainly changes one's life. but he is well taken care of at the Perley and I get to visit often. Sometimes he knows my name, other times he does not, but he knows who I am. That's a comfort. I hope all is well with you and your family Sincerely,

Marie-Louise DeWitt ("Marlies") (Feb 2013)


One snow filled cold evening out here on the snow plains of the Ottawa Valley, with little else to do took a peek at the Minister of Veterans Affairs site, and took note of the following commendation. Listed under the 2011 awards is that of our own John Bishop. Not knowing this award existed until speaking with John Barkley, and being informed he will be up for the same award 2013. With this in mind, I thought it prudent to give John Bishop's Commendation a shot on our web site under "Comments", perhaps giving his and any others who may follow wider exposure. Those among us who knew John Bishop as a fine officer, when he supported a healthy blond brush cut ... be this as it may in the photo you still have more hair than the Minister.

Howie Pierce, Gdsm

PS. John Bishop, my personal complements, however belated; being awarded over the years the many acknowledgements of your generous contributions for service to Canada, your achievements including: Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation (2011) are again an outstanding example of Citizenship, your fellow Canadians honouring you must give you a rush of accomplishment, take your rest fellow soldier into retirement with our appreciation and honour having served at your side ... got known you as an honest and hard working officer.

I recall many years ago asking a much younger Lt John Bishop while at the Canadian Guards Depot (1956), why you had the ribbon in an unusual location, this is when we learned of the Presidential Citation awarded to the PPCLI for their gallant action, the 2nd PPCLI and the 3rd RAR received the US Presidential Citation.
John Bishop

Cobble Hill, British Columbia

Mr. Bishop is a Veteran of the Korean War as well as a retired Canadian Forces Veteran, having served a total of 41 years. He served overseas in ten countries. Since his retirement, Mr. Bishop has devoted his time and energy to the needs of Korea War Veterans. He joined the Korea Veterans Association (KVA) of Canada in 1980 and he is currently serving as National President, having previously served as Pacific president and Unit 27 president. Mr. Bishop often takes the lead in ceremonies due to his military experience in protocol and etiquette. Mr. Bishop has had more than a dozen articles published and has written a book on the Korean War entitled "The King’s Bishop." Mr. Bishop is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association, the United Services Institute, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association and the Canadian Guards Association.

Dear Sgt Puddicombe, Number 8 Platoon, The Canadian Guards Depot

Yes, Sgt P, you were better than the best; never to be out-shone by your nemesis (an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best ) WO 1 RSM JJT McManus, your old bud. I know he insisted at all times to be called by his nick name "SIR".

I do want to personally congratulate you on being awarded the Diamond Jubilee Metal. No doubt it will fit in with the other honours and awards seen over your heart, very visible in the photo. I can think of no other more worthy of the award, again congratulations, Sir.

And thank you for all you taught us young lads, (jaggies, having rough edges) during our training under your tutelage, 1956. We do not easily forget those who gave us a break in life!

I'm sure JJT "The Rock", is also looking down, wishing he could join you at the bar with a celebratory, Up The Guards on the

Presentation Of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal To
Maj(Retd) Nick Puddicombe.MMM,CStJ,CD.

Respectfully, Howie Pierce, Gdsm

PS: Where did all those blond curls go? (Feb 2013)

Congrats Joe (letter adjusted slightly for inclusion in this website..Jan 26)

Bearing in mind the almost universal use of email and online URLs, may I suggest that an e-procedure be discussed and at least considered, for future AGMs to afford maximum participation by members:

(1) An email request by the President and executive for motions and/or nominations at a time well in advance of the AGM.

(2) Motions which have been seconded and voted on at the AGM, and nominations which also have been voted on at the AGM, would then be sent, with a brief summary of the discussion of motions, to the email list of addressees, or posted on the URL, with a deadline for votes (not discussion).

(3) Add votes received by email to the AGM total, and announce by email or on the URL, passed/rejected.

This may seem at first glance an unwieldy procedure; but it takes only minimal effort. As a Trustee (ie, senior research associate) on the Executive Board of an society with an international membership of academic professionals, I see this system used annually without difficulty. The net result of this participatory approach is an increased sense of involvement and interest by members, and decisions which more accurately represent the wishes of the entire membership. Most universities and alumni associations use an e-vote system now for their convocation's votes for chancellor, senate, etc. The Information Age has reached maturity, so let's take advantage of it. Do please consider this thought.

Tree & Regimental Birthing

Ian and Gerry W: The idea of a tree dedicated to the memory of the officers, NCOs and men of the Canadian Guards is brilliant. (Oak is tougher and more long-lived than maple, anyway - so perhaps equally suitable symbolically for a regiment whose tradition was (to adapt Thomas Hobbes's nasty, brutish epithet) nifty, BRITISH and short.

If the time frame allows, 2013 being the 60th (diamond jubilee) anniversary of the year of the Regiment's birth seems a serendipitous time for the plaque you propose, Gerry, to be placed and a dedication ceremony to be held, either on 16 Oct or a more convenient date. My sense is that our time for full-scale national reunions likely has passed. However, perhaps the day of the ceremony could entail simply a group booking at some Fox-and-Feather-ish sort of place with an off-the-menu breakfast or dinner, or merely a pub or mess gathering - no elaborate arrangements to plague an organizing committee (beyond a Last Post bugler, one supposes).

Disposal of Assets

The final matter I wish to address here, Ian, is the request for suggestions for disposal of financial assets at the dissolution of the Association. First, I don't think the funds should go to any of several veterans' organizations. There are too many now, with diverse goals and varying credibility - RCL, ANAF, NVOC, CPVA, CAVUNPK, etc., and a few more fringe organizations (including one that looks like a motorcycle gang). In any case, unless the sum were divided equally, some would have justifed cause for complaint. Further, a couple of the organizations by now have at their HQ and branches largely civilian executives who have never had military service, so that the organizations aren't truly representative of the community of veterans.

At death, it's said, we return whence we came. (We all give birth to at least one 2Lt daily, so that may be true at least of rations.) One logical conclusion is that the Association's funds should go to the regiments (or their associations) from which the Canadian Guards were formed; i.e. RCR, PPCLI, R22eR, and the several militia units (Carleton & Yorks, et al) which comprised the companies of 1st Cdn Inf Bn, 27 Bde. The same amount would be allocated on the basis of all founding battalion-strength units, so that the amount allocated for the former 1st Cdn Inf Bn would be divided equally among those militia units or their successors. Whether the funds should go to the regiments per se as NPF, or to their associations, would require further investigation and discussion.

However, another consideration is that this suggestion doesn't take into account the current successor Reserve regiments which were our 5th and 6th Bns, and which currently find the Ceremonial Guard (GGFG & CGG). Perhaps a portion of (or all) the financial assets should go to those units, with a stipulation, maybe, that some or all should be dedicated to the purchase and maintenance of uniforms and equipment not provided by public funds or Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, etc, for the Ceremonial Guard.

None of the above is meant as a final concrete recommendation. Rather, I hope it will be a starting point for some sort of dialogue which should involves as many members of the Association as possible, so that a provisional decision is in place in comfortable time before the last two Guardsmen sit down to broach the last bottle of the regimental wine.


As the bicentennial of the War of 1812, 2012 has passed in shame. We didn't commemorate the event by burning down the White House again. No matter. Perhaps we can make up for that by the Association membership's e-vote to do it this year in effigy instead. . . .

AMUAM Steve Brodsky  (Jan 14, 2013)