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I was reviewing correspondence with Association membership, and came across the following. I had sent to John Hunt a few months before he passed on. Thought it might be of interest for "Comments" on this the first anniversary of John's death.

Ciao, Howie P, Gdsm  (Dec 10)

Hello John Hunt and Karin

Just thought I'd take a moment, got the time right now, as I will be tuning into the Senators at 1930 hrs for the game against Avalanche of Colorado. Just a moment of your time to say hello and wish you and your Karen a very Happy belated, "Happy Thanksgiving."

No doubt you are still with health issues and unable to attend our Association luncheons at the Fox and Feather. We do miss your always-happy comments with regards to the many forgotten events, which took place as we all served together in the Regiment of Canadian Guardsmen.

The October gathering had a good turnout with the tables stretched down the centre of the room and every chair was full. Of course there was the never ending confusing on how we should arrange the seating, until we took hold of the situation, and suggested Al Johnston contain the somewhat boisterous gathering while we went about making the physical seating arrangements. Of course when the food arrived there was the on-going confusion on which person it was that ordered the steak? Then the warning when out to who ever sat within arms reach of Al J there chips were in danger, old habits never die easily.

Do take care John H, and believe me we often mention your name from time-to-time, when we were but mere children, and John H was one of our Regimental WW 2 Veteran's that joined in on the fight to contain Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini ... at the gong down of the sun we shall remember you John H, and your generation's contributions which sometimes we tend to overlook ... but not me!

I shall remember all of you wonderful brave lads who are responsible for much of what we have today, our freedom and life privileges. While standing there in front of the Stittsville Veteran's Monument as many of us do around the country on the 11 November ... we shall remember.

Sincerely, Howie Pierce, Gdsm

Hi Howie & Family:

We, Karin and I, thank you for the Thanksgiving message together with all the latest news on the Association. Sorry though to hear that the Senators, which I feel is your choice, did not shine when they played Avalanche of Colorado. Well can't win them all.

Howie, I do miss being able to get out-and-around, lunching with the gang and so on. But it really is beyond me at this time. Happy to learn that you had a good turn out for the October Gathering, it was always one of my favourite occasions.

All things considered, which includes health and age I cannot complain. My movement is restricted; I don't go far without my walker. Thank you again for your Thanksgiving Message it was very much appreciated.

Most Sincerely John & Karin.

Maj John Frederick Hunt, OMM, CD - Passed peacefully on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at age 87.

Dear friends,

The other day at a meeting of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, Eve Adams, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, offered to assist all veterans’ having difficulty with any program or service with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Ms. Adams said, “Mr. Godin, you indicated that you've got all sorts of case files at your constituency office. I would implore you to send them to us.”

As Ms. Adams is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, we can only assume that she is more than willing to help you as she stated above. The Conservative government really believes that everything is fine with veterans and their families. But as you know, many veterans and their families have difficulty obtaining assistance or accessing veterans’ programs and services.

I would encourage you to take Ms. Adams up on her offer and contact her office for assistance with any of your concerns. Please let her know about any difficulties or concerns you have with veterans programs or services. Be persistent as she has said that she wants to help. Please also pass this message along to your contacts.

Ms. Adams can be reached at the following contact information.

Eve Adams, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 –Phone: 613-995-7784 –Fax: 613-996-0917


OR: Constituency Office: 4870 Tomken Road, Unit 7
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1J8 –Phone:
(905) 625-1201–Fax: (905) 625-1485


Peter Stoffer, MP, Sackville-Eastern Shore

Office of Peter Stoffer, MP | Bureau du député Peter Stoffer

Official Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs | Le Porte-Parole de l'Opposition Officielle pour Les Anciens Combattants.

New Democratic Party | Nouveau Parti démocratique 2900 Hwy #2 Fall River, NS B2T 1W4

Phone: (902) 861-2311 | Email:  (Via Howie P)  (Dec 4)


Another accolade for Gerry Wharton. an originating organizer of Wreaths Across Canada; here he is seen going about laying wreaths on the many markers in commemoration, the 2nd Wreaths Across Canada at Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa Ontario 2nd December 2012.

A delegation of special guests accompanied by a piper, including General Thomas J. Lawson, CMM, CD - Chief of the Defence Staff accompanied a strong contingent of Ottawa's Cadet Corp including other representatives from the military, both regular and retirees, (and Howie P) police officers and others as they went about in a steady sprinkling of light rain, laying wreaths.

An interesting feature for those servicemen who had foreign service especially in Post War NATO., West Germany, witnessing the Salvation Army Canteen Vehicle on site with piping hot coffee.

(Thanks Howie)

Spent part of a day in Soest this past August. We drove around looking for Fort Henry where I had lived for two years while teaching dependents of the Canadian armed forces. I noticed a comment on your web site by Steve B …about Fort Henry no longer being there.

I wonder if Steve B. could tell me exactly where Fort Henry used to be. I wonder if we were even on the right road. We looked along the road to Bad Sassendorf and Erwitte. As he says, there is no longer any evidence of Fort Henry but I would still like to now exactly where it used to be.

Shirley Klassen  (Nov 26) (Contact webmaster for email address)

REPLY: Shirley Klassen enquired about the former location of Fort Henry near Soest: From Soest on the Soest-Möhnesee road drive past former Fort York (on the left), towards the Möhnessee. Just before the road descends on a long winding course to Körbecke on the Möhnesee, you arrive at a junction where the road to the left goes to the village of Ektrop. Fort Henry was immediately to the right. I hope that helps.

Best wishes, Steve Brodsky   (Nov 27)

The Canadian Guards Association winter Newsletter will be issued in January 2013.

The deadline for submission for the Newsletter is 15 December 2012.

However please note:

The Newsletter Editor is on vacation until November 30th and does not have access to his email. So please - - please - - do not send your submission before December 1st  (Posted Nov 10)

….the Graveside Service for Wallace Fowler took place on Wednesday November 7th at 11 a.m. at Beechwood National Military Cemetery, Ottawa.

The service was well attended by family and friends and a Guard of nine was present and paid normal military graveside compliments with piper and bugler.

In addition, Gerry Wharton, Al Johnston and yours truly had the honour of depositing Poppies along side Wallace's Urn at the grave site. I thought you would like be made aware of the procedures that took place. I do hope this information is well received, and you are in good health, as I know Wally was a friend and fellow Gdsm.

Good health my friend and pay attention to the cadence on the 11th Nov Parade it’s 116 paces to the minute, and "One two three ... One" no more banging of the feet, once you have been released QR & O 15:01 4 (a) future injuries are not pensionable! Eh!

Ciao, Howie Pierce, Gdsm  (Nov 8)

I had an accident at the firing ranges in Germany while a member of the Guards rifle team. A shell exploded in the breech of the C2 i was firing. I was Hospitalized for 9 days at British Military Hospital Iserlohn.

Anyone on the team who may have witnessed my accident who could write me a letter describing the event will be greatly appreciated.

Also can anyone who may have worked at the British Military Hospital Iserlohn in July 1962 or who knows about the Hospital can tell me what does the abbreviation“371 DOCS” mean?

Art Skidmore , 96 Pine Street , Belleville Ontario , K8N 2M8

Please post this on new comments page. Thanks.

Sincerly Art Skidmore  (Oct 5, 2012)

This weekend I will be returning to Vietnam after an absence of 44 years. I have been to the South, about 10 years ago but am now ready to do the full circle. I had spent 2 Christmases and New Years there in 66/67 and 68/69. I am not sure what the North will be like,but iI have a Vietnamese friend here in Courtenay, who has made arrangements for his sister in Hanoi. She will be our Guide/Escort. Any one interested in my Journey please contact me. I am sure there are still a few Security Guards that might care; Sorry Guys No Saigon Tea this time, Cheers Butch

Maori Farewell for Three Kiwi soldiers.

Maori "Haka", performed by the New Zealand army, is an emotional display of respect to mark three NZ army KIA recently.

All warriors who have served will understand this film clip.  A truly remarkable and heart wrenching commitment displayed by our Kiwi friends whom on the field of battle as Infantrymen have lost one of their own.

Click here: Maori Farewell for Three Kiwi Troops

CiaoHowie Pierce

Link to 17 Platoon  reunion web site..thanks Butch

Subject:   Roy Dalton

Hello to all who know or remember ROY DALTON. He is in the hospital …. He has other health problems as well.

Roy served with the 1st Bn Canadian Guards until the Regiment was disbanded.If you would like to call him in hospital, the number is 1-902-679-3315. Room #617.

Gary Riley

well what happened to me? I joined the Canadian Infantry  to get out of a bad situation in Nova Scotia at 17.  I was sent to Canadian Guards depot in Nov 1959. I arrived by train around midnight and was picked up by a deuce and half. I remember thinking the parade square in front of the depot looked like a big lake. ha-ha .  6 months later passing out of the depot, I was posted to the 2nd Battalion and soon got posted to 1st Battalion in Germany. I was recruited onto the 1st Battalion Prix Le Clerc Rifle team. While shooting on ranges a round exploded in the breech of the C2 I was firing scaring my eyes. I had trained in machines guns and ended up in machine gun company.  I recall the Berlin wall crisis when the Battalion was placed on high alert. After Germany I was posted to Camp Picton and ended up in Cyprus. From Cyprus I returned to Camp Picton and joined the Pioneer Section. My wife is from West Lake and I presently reside in Belleville Ontario., Leaving the service I attended Loyalist College using my pension money and since then have worked as an design draftsman, I am now retired and have three children and two grandsons. Eventually I attended Queens university and got a technical teaching diploma  and taught adults at night school for several years. After retiring I attended a local music school and learned music and to play an instrument. This became impossible to continue due to poor hearing. From there I took some art courses at Loyalist and learned how to paint. Last may I turned 70.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have had typing it. Please post it for others to read.


Art Skidmore, Belleville Ontario. (Aug 16,2012)

An announcement that has been in the works for a few months, was finally delivered to Dad today, and Michael and I have attached a copy of the letter. (←click)

Two people nominated Dad for a very meaningful honour. One, Vince Steeves, is a former Cadet of Dad's, who worked his way up through the program Dad established (and ran successfully for 12 years), and is now a Major teaching the Cadet Pipes and Drums program, trying to restore what Dad built. The other person, Joe McLoughlin, is is a former Piper of Dad's in the 2nd Battalion The Canadian Guards who, following his retirement from the Regular Force, has been training Cadets Pipes & Drums in a very senior position for many years.

Dad has been awarded the Cadet Instructors Cadre Lifetime Achievement Award, for all he has contributed to Cadets and to the Military. He's had a fantastic career, and has helped countless people along the way - truly a deserving honour. Michael and I couldn't be more proud of him and we wanted to share this with you.

Sincerely, Michael and Fiona (Re:  Archie Cairns)

I read all of the stories and comments on the comments page and I must say they are all very interesting. This is a fantastic way of staying in touch – as we all come in for a soft landing.

Any Guardsman who wishes to contact me feel free to do so at any time.

Regards; R.V. “ Mitch” Mitchell – Guards Depot – 1st Battalion The Canadian Guards. 1955/1962.

– I am now 75 years young and living in Australia. I was in the 1st Platoon Guards Depot,. and I think about the 10th recruit. I went to the 1st Battalion, did my training and went to Germany in 1959, came back in 1962 and got that little piece of paper (discharge),. had enough. I played a lot of hockey in the service and played all over the world after I got out – The Rangers had their claws  on me for quite some time.

I played old timers here in Australia as well as New Zealand up until two years ago.I put two teams in the A.I.H.L. coached them, and was The Director Of Player Personnel in the A.I.H.L.  Retired from hockey two years ago and now find myself hitting for the links with my golf buggy and trailer. I am off the stick with a 10 H/c.

PS/ I remember “Joe Partito” very well – a fine Gentleman indeed.

Cheers from Australia.

There will a gathering of this Platoon in Ottawa on Aug 4.I believe Fred Leblanc,Jack Kinney and myself will be attending,plus all the former members of this Recruit Platoon.Rick Holder is the main man on the scene,He is to be congratulated on his hard work in arranging this,Check out 17 Platoon on Google,They were the days,cheers Butch

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Check out for a tattoo 1967 site….tonnes of photos

Hi there my name is Allan Connors.My Father was Cpl Fred Connors. He served in the 1st Bn Canadian Guards in the late 50,s and early 60,s. I am trying to put a scrapbook together for my father for his 76th birthday in Aug of this year. I want it to be of his time in the Guards because he is very proud of that time of his life. I’m looking for old photos and documents of the Guards . People he might know things like that. I don’t really know where to start so I was hoping I might get some help from you fine people. I was also hoping you might know where to go to get his recruit picture of when he first joined up. Many thanks on any help you might be able to give me on this. You can email me at my wife’s email which is or my email which Thanks again for your time.   Allan. (May 2012)

Thank you for the cards and phone calls. I had my surgery in February for Tongue Cancer.  A muscle was transplanted from my leg to reconstruct the tongue. I am now starting my 5th week of Radiation in Halifax, seven weeks in total.  It is a hard journey for an Old Soldier.  It will be awhile before I can have Army Rations. I would like a nice old Keo beer but that will not happen for awhile. Thanks again. Jim Bradbury   (May 2012)