William "Bill" Charles MacIver, late of Stittsville ON. passed away with family at his side on June 15, 2012.

His family, friends, and careers were what he lived for. We came to know Bill as a caring soul ... his children, grandchildren, friends,colleagues and subordinates, their successes and failures were his first concern. His legacy of kindness followed throughout careers in the military and public service.  His was a stellar example of quiet leadership. Let it be known he inspired by example; the one exception was golf; he never could master the back-swing.  Hard work, honesty and loyalty as a Major in the Canadian Forces and later with the Public Service as Staff Officer. He was well respected as a true professional and a gentleman.  William "Bill" can take his rest with the appreciation of a Nation for his life of service for his country. Over a life time with the public service both in the military and with the government and into retirement, Bill would not be seen sitting idly on the sidelines letting life pass him by … this was the creed he would  follow throughout his 80 years.

Often in retirement as a board member with the Association of Canadian Guards he would go out of his way to assist and advise, be it to ensure that the wife of a deceased veteran was cared for or when his fellow soldier or colleague, be they a corporal or general, were respected in ceremony. William "Bill" Charles MacIver  was there ensuring all that could be done was in place. As an executive member with the Canadian Guards Association few years back seeing the numbers of the association falling and interest failing, he took the bull by the horns setting about to breathe new life into the organization.  His ideas and direction gave spark and purpose, and was able to encourage pride in what it was that we had done as Guardsmen, encouraging membership through celebration by masterfully organizing different events highlighting The Canadian Guards lifetime of achievements.

A man of sound principals founded on a life well lived;watching, listening, reading, and practicing thorough all of life's struggles, he followed to the very end the simple rules of charity, honesty, purpose and loyalty and will be forever remembered for these qualities.

A soldier, family man, public servant and friend has left us, Bill will be missed ... rest in peace my true friend and inspiration.  

Howie Pierce, Gdsm

Over the years living in Stittsville the village grew from 1Kto now around 32K.  We, the original  residents welcomed new people ... as only a small village can.  Around fourteen years ago Bill and Selma MacIver now retired, and their family, Rod and Lorraine moved into their present residence. I didn’t know Bill too well at the time, except we had both served with the Regiment of Canadian Guards.  Those of us in Battalion, because it was the way it was ... "familiarity breeds contempt and all that stuff "...  we were made to keep our distance socially and professionally.  

Now retired, and being from the same village and out of convenience, we would travel into Ottawa with Doug Murray and at times JAS Haley and enjoy luncheons at the Fox and Feather with other Regimental colleagues. Being the kind of people we are, the Association became important as a social gathering place.  The first few outings I did feel to be on the side lines; respected but the kind of respect shown a loyal batman.  As the years passed us by I would look around the room  our friends departed moving away or just losing interest, even passing away.  I noticed Howie was the youngest and only Guardsman (non officer) in the collection of personalities at the watering hole.  On occasions it became challenging.  However, as time flew by and we came to understand the connection and it became easier to relate in conversation and soon Gdsm Howie P  became another chair at the table surrounding our common past with the Regiment -- there were those who made it easer.  Rank has its privileges, but this old hang-up became less and less important, it seemed the higher the rank the more compassion and respected Howie P became ... Respected and appreciated. (Examples being Ian Douglas, Bill Patterson, John Hayter, Doug Yuill, Roger Rowley, Strome Galloway, Gerry Wharton, Al Johnston and our common friend Bill MacIver all became brothers-in-arms;  who would have guessed fifty years ago?

Bill is the one that led many of us into the brotherhood of Guardsmen.  At Bill's side planning social functions funerals and such meeting all these people, Bill MacIver showed by example how not to trample on feet, or PPO, get the job done without too much debate. It seemed the more I witnessed his style and became involved the more respect and appreciation was shown by all. Bill was a bare bones leader not seeking glowing gratitude he did not need rousting ... "get the job got done because it needed to be done," was his creed.   On each occasion he demonstrated by hitting the nail squarely on the head driving the spike deeper gave strength to the structure. On one critical moment in our association's history I can recall as clearly as if it had happened yesterday ... when Bill passed an idea of recruiting Ian Douglas as our President on the retirement of Gerry Wharton.  Not an easy task following Gerry Wharton for all that he has done and continues to do for our Association.  Bill did it ... He got Ian Douglas on board, and since then we continue in strength.  Because of his idea, we in the Association of Canadian Guards  have become more vibrant in the eyes of the membership.  We liked Ian Douglas because we could see a bit of ourselves in his travels up and down the road of our military careers, Bill saw that and it came to pass, a great choosing so much so the association has grown to its present levels.

Gathering at Bill's funeral in a wee church on Main Street Stittsville ON., sharing with his family, Bill’s legacy of kindness and professional development eulogized by his two friends General Ian Douglas and Mr Eric Brick(CSIS)  we all gave thanks having known him... the country is a better place because William"Bill" Charles MacIver was with us in life ... God bless you my friend and mentor, we will miss all the qualities that made you  important.

Respectfully,  HowiePierce, Gdsm