Pipes and Drums, 1965 and Regimental Band 1955

The Pipes and Drums of the 2nd Battalion, The Regiment of Canadian Guards, May 1965, at Camp Petawawa, Ontario

Front: P/M W. Stirling; Adjt, Capt. G. Simpson; CO Lt. Col. O.K.H.Kierans; RSM K. Landers; Drum Major G.W. Walford.

Second Rank: Cpl. J. Huggan; Cpl. A. Fleming; Piper J.C.E. Briand; Piper A.R.W. Grant; Cpl. T. Lynas; Piper F. Alderman; Piper M.W.C. McLaughlin; Piper F. Patrick; Piper J. Poszwajlo; Piper R. Marshall; Cpl. R. Schlievert; Cpl. J. Newall.

Third Rank: Pipers L.R. Bethel; J. Graham; W.E. Wright; T. Sander; J.J. Eason.

Fourth Rank: Drummer A.F. Dunlop; Drummer A. Curtis; Cpl. H. Blackley; Cpl. J. Shaw; Cpl. A. Taylor; Drummer G. Harrison; Drummer A. Hennesy.

Missing: Drummers Legault and Miller (photo via Ed Theoret)

Thanks for publishing the foto of the 2nd Bn Pipes & Drums. I think it's the one that I brought to the reunion & left copies on the table for anyone to take...and that WAS a great reunion! Merry Christmas to all...Rev. Frank Patrick

Piper/Gdsm Patrick F. L. SB186547 #14 platoon - Depot - 1964 2nd Bn - 1964-66 & Cyprus

These Band photos from B/S/Sgt Reg V MacGregor , via his Nephew Don