Dear Fellow Guardsmen     Summer 2013


This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the founding of The Regiment. However and wherever you are on 16 October, raise a glass to your Regiment, your Families, Comrades  and Absent Friends.

I turned 80 in June, so I thought I should wish all of you who have reached, or will reach that milestone this year, “ A very Happy Birthday and many more!”

The saving grace is that we are either too frail or there’s no one strong enough to give us the required “bumps”.  I managed to play golf in the midnight sun in Alaska on my birthday - after rafting through  9 miles of rapids, with half-a-dozen other nut cases, the day before.


We send our sincere condolences and sympathy to the families, friends and comrades of the following members of the Regimental Family of whose passing we have been notified since the last newsletter.

James Bradbury, Jim Broderick, Harold Lawrence “Hal” Burke, Ed Burton, Veasey Eric Collier, Frederick Thomas Connors, William Gilbert DesChamps, Gerald Dickson, Robert “Bob” Lionel Emberson, Ross Galloway, Ray Garstang, Raymond J. R. Gobeil, Margaret Elizabeth “Betty” Heyman (wife of Jim Heyman) E.H. “Ed” Hollyer, Edward Charles Kimball,  George Maxwell King, David Viney Lapham, Emmanuel P. “Mannie” McPhee,  Marilyn Meeks (widow of Jack Meeks), Charles Alfred Morrisson,  Isobel Percy (widow of Bill Percy) , Heather Marie Plumridge (widow of  Tom R. Plumridge), Louise Price (wife of Spencer Price), Terrance Randall “Terry” Rice, Bob Rossley (RCAPC),  Lawrence McDonald Russell, Daniel “Danny” Segin,  James Francis Scully and Cecil Patrick Sullivan.

         “ Death is a name for beauty not in use.”     Irving Layton


The AGM will be held in Ottawa this year, the place and date to be advised. If you have any item you wish to put forward for consideration, send it by mail to the Secretary at the Association address, PO Box 972, Station B, Ottawa, K1P 5R9.


Joe Pelisek  - Congratulations on your Cadet League of Canada 15-year pin.

Larry Woodward - No Pickets Larry,  just some “Extra Work and Drill”.

Al Johnston -  If you want to see Gord Collins big fish, it’s on the website.

Cy Clayton -    “Regards to the Executive and all the Members.”

R. Glen Forbes -  “ Best wishes for all fellow Guardsmen.”

Spencer Price -  Your  selection of  “War Amps” viz By-law 6.1, has been noted.

John Hughes - Congratulations  on receiving your RCL 50-year Pin.

Douglas A Mayne -  Many thanks for your kind words.


Marlies Dewitt  (excerpts from an e-mail to Gerry Wharton)

I thought I should let you know that Morris  ( Morris “Dewey” Dewitt, adjt  1stBattalion ) has been in the Perley in long term care since 20 March, 2012. He is settled in now, but it was such a hard decision for me to make. But I could no longer keep him at home.

……. The last time we saw you was at John Hunt’s funeral in December, 2011.  At the time I did not think Morris would end up in the Perley so quickly. But he was  not safe at home and I was not either. I had notified the RCR and had a nice response from Ivan Fenton. He has been to see Morris twice, and included me in a visit to the War Museum - a guided tour. There were a couple of chaps there who remembered Morris from the Petawawa days.

It certainly changes one’s life, but he is well taken care of at the Perley and I get to see him often. Sometimes he knows my name, sometimes not, but he knows who I am and that’s a comfort.

I hope all is well with you and your family, sincerely,  Marie-Louise Dewitt.

We urge all members of the Regimental Family, who know of any Member who is “in care”, to visit. As a volunteer at the Perley, I know that just being there for a bit, even where there is no recognition, makes  a difference.  J. B.

C. J. Pierce - sent us a clip from the “Community Press”, dated 9 May, 2013.

“ BGen (ret) Ian Douglas is the first recipient of the Northumberland United

Way ‘Community Builder Award  for Brighton’.”  Well done  Ian!

Marie Garstang - Marie’s husband, Capt Charles “Ray” Garstang, passed away in January this year. Along with her letter of notice she included a brief biography and the advertisement shown on this page ←click. The dates of  the Ceremony are 25 June to 4 September, 1967.        ( another “Blast from the past”. Ed)

Ian Inrig , Mary MacIntosh and Peter Crofton Davies -

Editor’s note - I apologize to all of the above for using only excerpts from Peter  Davies’ elegant eulogy for the Reverend Jim MacIntosh, a Padre who served with The Regiment. It was not possible to publish it in its entirety.  

“ For over the last decade or so Valerie and I have been blessed with Jim and Mary as next-door neighbors. While these thoughts  are a very personal reflection of Jim as neighbour, fellow construction worker and wonderful friend, hopefully they will give some sense of the man that was the Reverend Jim MacIntosh.

On our construction projects Jim was wonderful company and coworker. He

loved working with his hands, constructing things….Jim particularly loved projects that required going up ladders and working on roofs. This ladder work, by an 81 year-old Jim, was a matter of some concern to Jim’s new next door neighbors. They insisted the he cease and desist. …I aided and abetted  Jim,

not for me to help, you understand, just to keep an eye open.

…..Earlier in life Jim had served  with the Canadian Paratroop Regiment in Korea. He did tell me once that the TV drama “Mash” was as close to reflecting the  actual experience as it was possible to recreate on film. Naturally his favourite character  was Father Mulcahy.

..Generous with his time, his woodworking skills, workshop equipment and thoughtful counsel, Jim was a friend to many. To me he was the most down-to-earth man of the cloth that I ever had the good fortune to know. Perhaps his foxhole experience in Korea had left its mark.

….For all that, Jim was a true gentleman, a humanitarian and genuine friend

who will be greatly missed by many in this community”

The  complete eulogy was written by Peter Crofton Davies and read by him at the memorial service of the Reverend James MacIntosh on Thursday, 30th August, 2012.

E-MAIL FROM THE TREASURER- Friday, May 10, 2013.

“Subject: BMO Held Funds.  Gentlemen:

 As discussed at 6 Sep 12 BOD mtg and the 13 Oct 12 AGM, on the closing out of  the CFCF acct and the maturing of the BMO GIC in May 13, the following transactions were undertaken on 2 May 13.  The BMO GIC was cashed out and a  variable rate GIC in the amount of $9,860.82 was purchased as was a 2yr GIC in  the amount of $7,500.00 and a 3yr GIC in the amount of  $7,500.00. This left a balance of $5,906.26 in the general operating checking acct. Specific details will be provided at the next BOD mtg.



The following hotels are 10 - 15 minutes walk from the Legion Branch where all the activities will take place. You are responsible for making reservations.

Holiday Inn - 50 rooms booked @ $149.95 + tax    1-709-722-0506

Super 8 Hotel - 25 rooms booked  @$139.00 + tax 1-709-739-8888

Quality Inn Harbourview - 20 rooms booked @ $ 149.00 +tax  1-709-758-4264

        For further information call Jim King @ 1-709-576-4437


                                            BAND REPORT

Harry Bligh hails from Saskatchewan where his father owned the local Pepsi plant. He joined the Naval Reserve band at HMCS Hunter playing alto sax. He joined the RCN in 1954 and spent 6 years in Shearwater/Halifax and Cornwallis. His first Regular band was HMCS Stadaconna, from which he transferred to the Army and was sent to the Canadian Guards Band. His next posting was to the CF Band in Quebec, however he couldn’t speak French. He was told to, “speak French  or leave”,  so he left.

One of  his favourite memories is the Fishing Derby. He headed upriver on a power barge, with some dynamite and blasting caps. He blasted the water, collected all the floating fish and entered them in the Derby - he won First Prize! The Citation was read out and all the band members had a hearty laugh.

Harry is now retired from  his civilian construction job - after being blown off a skylight  at the  Art Gallery in Ottawa. He landed on his head and is now two inches shorter than before. Harry no longer plays his sax, but he does have  connections with former  Band members such as Don Greaves, Karl Stapleton and Gerry Klassen.”  
Bob Bertuzzi, Band Correspondent.

                                           LAST WORDS

Greetings to all Guardsmen and their ladies. As a rather questionable summer unfolds, at least “weatherwise”, it is still great to be playing golf on the right side of the turf and connect once more with you all.

I had the pleasure to visit our old “home” in Petawawa last month and enjoy the company of members of the local Association Branch at their annual BBQ. In typical Ottawa Valley style it rained cats and dogs so the event was moved to the porch of the  Petawawa Legion. The rain did not have a negative impact on the flood of stories, which took slightly different courses, but ended in a chuckle. There was much eye-rolling from the ladies at the more outrageous stories.

Not to put too emotional a touch to it, but as time goes by I enjoy these get-togethers more and more. Many thanks to President Ambrose Dwyer and Norm MacBride for their outstanding organization of the event.

Finally, I would like to comment on Merv Olinik who is bravely fighting cancer. His wife, Joan, reports that he is now home and he seems to be improving and moving in the right direction. Keep up the good fight Merv and Joan.

                                          Ian Douglas - President                                          

                                          A Mari Usque ad Mare


At last year’s AGM, it was proposed that a plaque commemorating the Regiment of Canadian Guards be placed at the foot of an oak tree in the National Cemetery.  To find it, go to the NMC and find the lower monument. Our tree is near the road, the second tree on the right of the path leading to that monument.

I believe all who see it will be as pleased with it as I am. .......Gerry W

Our thanks to Gerry Wharton for the research, planning, execution and the result, as shown in his pictures reproduced above.