Welcome to the Canadian Guards Association website. The Canadian Guards was the senior Canadian Infantry Regiment from 1953 to 1970 when it was disbanded as part of a larger defence review. This Association of former members and their spouses perpetuates the memory of the Regiment and of all who served in her ranks.

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A number of Ottawa area members meet for lunch every Thursday  The venue has changed. The group now meets at Moose McGuire’s Pub in the Metro mall at the corner of McCarthy and Paul Anka Drive in south Ottawa. The Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario monthly lunch remains the first Thursday of each month in the new location.  

All Association members and friends in the area or visiting from out of town are encouraged to join the group any Thursday.

Check out moosemcguires.ca

The Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario monthly pub lunch remains the first Thursday of each month.

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Thanks to the efforts of the late Winston “Goldie” Golden and the cooperation of the Staff at Government House we have separate photos of the Company Colours and Commanding Officers’s Colours of both battalions.  They have been on display in Government House since 1970 or so.

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Transfer of Second Battalion Colours to Beechwood

 July 19, 2015

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There is a feature accessible through the Comments page that may be of interest to those of us with relatives who served in WW1 Or WW2.  Click  (June 19, 2015 latest

The book was published at the end of October. Its called “The Making of a Tattoo”. I am very pleased that Colonel Ian Fraser, the producer/director of the Tattoo wrote the foreword for the book. Here’s an image of the cover page (below). Currently it is available to purchase on line at the Friesen Press Book Store, and purchase it through Chapters (Indigo Books), and Coles stores, if not in stock they can order it. If someone lives in the U.S. the book is available on line at Barns and Noble.

When I started putting the book together, it was only going to be a short paper but as it turned out, it got longer and with Ian Fraser’s urging, I started the process of have it published last May.

The story of the Tattoo 1967 is a story untold for 50 years, but which needed to be told and recorded. There has never been another like it in all those 50 years. I was hoping a few years ago that the Government may see fit to put on another similar Tattoo for 2017 but obviously that didn’t happen, although I think it would have been a real crowd pleaser as was Tattoo 1967. Keith Allan Wilson;

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